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The Buried Knight Signed Paperback

The Buried Knight Signed Paperback

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This is a signed 6x9 paperback edition.

My name’s Imogen Wylde, museum intern and recent inheritor of Wylde Retirement Home. I’ve spent my entire life pretending I don’t see the fae and ghosts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t see me. 

Over 1,000 years ago, the veil between the faerie and human realms was sealed by Excalibur, and the knight buried with it. Now Excalibur is missing, the veil is unlocked and some of faerie’s most threatening denizens have entered our world. The sword needs to be found so the veil can be closed once again.

At least that’s the story the mysterious stranger who showed up at my work told me, right after he attempted to steal a priceless artifact. Turns out he also might be a vampire – and Lancelot?

Now I’m thrust into the world I’ve tried so hard to ignore.

Carson City, Nevada just got a whole lot weirder. And more dangerous. 


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